Interested in judo and visually impaired?

If you’re visually impaired and would like to start judo Comberton judo club can help you. Our classes tend to have multiple coaches, the majority of whom either have or are studying sports related degrees. Our coaches can easily integrate visually impaired players into our normal sessions, please just email us or call us on 07834 708970.


Visually Impaired Judo

The is a 60 second guide to Paralympic judo below, to be honest there is little difference between VI judo and normal judo.

60 second guide to Paralympic judo

Great Britain have a great history in Paralympic judo, there is more information on the UK sport website about our London 2012 team.


Please contact us if you or your child would like to start judo in Cambridge.




End of 2011

We’re almost at the end of a very busy 2011. It has been a very successful year that hopefully we can build upon next year.
We have won more medals than I can remember, but to be honest medals are not that important in the grand scheme of things. We have won some important medals though and I will mention some of these below.
We have a permanent matted area, this was opened by Craig Fallon and Karina Bryant back in June
We have a weekly open randori,
We have our first two academy players,
We have out first ‘home grown’ England squad player,…. also Natasha 11th GBR.
The Anglia Ruskin player won the University championships, this is a fantastic achievement, to be crowned the top university team in the UK! There were 15 teams fighting and we fought Loughborough in the final.
First academy players
New logo and we have more members.
We have graded lots of players and we have our first ‘home grown’ dan grade. It seems strange because we have so many dan grades but Natasha is the first one to have started at Comberton and always been with us.
We will return with Thu sessions first on the 5th January and then the Wed classes will start much later on the 18th Jan, this is because the university students will be away until late Jan.

red belt rumble

The competitors had to wait a long time for their fights, as only one mat was used, so iPods were the main focus of the morning. There was a squad training session that Ali went to, but when he returned the girls were still yet to fight.

Kirsty was first to fight and won her first fight with an ippon after getting a wazari, she threw with O Soto Gari. She lost her second fight when her O Soto gary was countered but won her third again by ippon and again with O Soto.

Rosie lost her first fight of the grip immediately, possibly because she felt rushed trying to put her belt on and then going straight out. She fought her second opponent in a very close fight, but was eventually thrown by her much larger opponent. She turned in for some very could throws and was very close to getting a hold down.

Ali Sheppard

The girls were set goals for their fights. I think it is important to set small goals that are within their control. Both girls had fought before and their goals at that competition was to bow in the correct place. This time they had two goals each, Kirsty’s goals were to be the first to grip and to follow through into ground work. In her first fight she forgot to follow through into group work but she remembered in fight two. She was always the first to grip 🙂 Rosie had the same first goal (first to grip) and her second goal was to try tai otoshi. In her second fight she turned in for an excellent tai otoshi but the other girl just seemed a little too big.

What I really like about coaching these two is that they both really really want to win but at the same time aren’t worked about losing, both of them lost fights today and neither moaned or grumbled, they just accepted it and got ready for the next fight. I think that is great. They also bounce of each other well, you would think they have know each other years but in actual facts it has been months, they go to completely different schools and would have probably never met if it wasn’t for judo.

Bob Challis

Some pics…

Littleport Age banded by Rosie aged 9

Littleport judo Competition

The Littleport competition first started for me when me my mum and my nanny and granddad arrived. It was my first competition and i forgot my membership card big oops i know but the problem was solved and how? Because i already had my membership number on the slip so that helped and i got myself weighted but wait there was one more problem i had buttons on my t-shirt and we asked the reception for scissors and we had just cut of the 1st  button then … in came bob to the rescue . then i swapped my t shirt and put my  judogi on then on top of that i put my obi on (nice and tightly ) and went to sit down . Ok because i  have never done the competition before i hoped i would at least be last when … i was the first  one fighting!!! The club i was against was called black dog judo club and in an incredible time of not long at all i got my first competitor down and i won the match  YEPPIE J  it was really exiting and i sat down next to the table and after a few more matches i got called again now i did lose but she was in a different weight group but because she was the only one,  she had to be against me. I did do well in the last one but the scores got muddled up so we had to do it over and over and over and over and over and over again so she won me and kirsty was waiting for ages to have our medals given to us and i managed to get a GOLD medal but im also exited becase i was the only 1 from comberton judo to get gold.

Rosie Bainbridge aged 9

Littleport Age Banded

Six players from Comberton JC fought today in the Littleport Age Banded.

The first two players up were Rhys and Rowan. This is only their second competition and they were still working on the basics such as bowing in the correct place and being the first to grip up.

Kirsty also fought early on and she has also only fought in one competition before. Kirsty only had one other girl in her weight group and therefore had to fight best of three. Kirsty won the first fight by throwing for ippon with tai otoshi. She narrowly lost her second and third fights to end up with silver.

Rosie also fought in her first competition today. She also only had two in her weight group but they competition controller added a third person from the weight group above. Rosie won her first fight by ippon, also with tai otoshi. Her second fight was against the heavier girl who was also two belts higher. Rosie fought for a long 3 minute contest and eventually lost by wazari.

Alistair and James fought in the afternoon. These players are much more experienced and therefore had more technical goals than the younger ones. James’ task was to use movement much more and grip more lightly, he did this well and won all four fight by ippon with a different technique.

Ali also had technical goals, the first was a counter we have been working on and although he didn’t manage it he did attempt it. He was also tasked with working on uchimata, he has been working on this for a number of competitions. He tried it quite a lot in his first fight but couldn’t get it to work. His first three fights he won by ippon with osaekomi. We told him not to katamewaza an more and focus on throwing, after this he won with an O goshi/Harai goshi in his fourth fight and then in the final threw for ippon with uchimata. It seems like we have been working on this for ages but at long last we have an ippon in competition with it.

Medals for the day were:

Alistair GOLD

James GOLD

Rosie GOLD



Kent International Day 1

We met at Comberton at nine O’clock. Bob was one minute late but we still coped with that. We drove there in Bobs little, electric blue polo car. We used Bobs phone for the sat nav. It took us two hours to get to crystal palace. It was kind of a useless sat nav because we drove in circles. We got there about on time and weighed in, and we both made our weight groups comfortably, Orestis under thirty eights and Ali in under forty sixes. Orestis fought first and lost his first fight as usual and watched his next opponent to see what he was up to. Then Bob said he had his right foot to forward so i was to sweep it with my left foot. So i fought him and he put his foot to forward and i swept it but then he turned for tai Otoshi and I was thrown for ippon. Bob told me that it was okay to lose because i had done what i was told.

Meanwhile Alistair was fighting at the same time and won his first fight with koshi guruma in about 30 seconds. His second fight on lasted 4 seconds as Alistair countered his opponents uchi mata. Ali’s last other fights are a bit of a blur but there was one where he was thrown for ippon almost straight away with uchimata.

We were home for 6pm and tomorrow Natasha, Rob, and Josh will fight. More posts then 🙂

Blog post by Orestis (aged 12) and Alistair (aged 13)

Dojo Opening

June 4th 2011 saw the opening of the dojo at Comberton Village College. Forty people attended the opening session that was led by Former World and European Champion Craig Fallon as well as four times European Champion and seven times world medallist Karina Bryant who are both contending for places in the London 2012 Olympic Games. They took time out of their busy train schedule to drive from Camberley Judo Club where they train full-time.

The first session was was for all the participants and was based upon basic movement patterns that are common to all judo techniques. The duo focussed upon posture and movement and emphasised the importance of these basics in order to progress.

For the second session participants were split into two groups. Karina worked with the younger ones focussing on O-Goshi (major hips throw) which she has used in international competition many times. Craig took the more experienced players and showed them a new way of controlling their opponents with their arms when doing various throws.

They swapped over and Craig took the younger ones, he asked them to demonstrate their favourite throws and gave them tips on improving whilst Karina showed the older ones a hold down on the floor (in judo if you pin your opponent on their back for 25 seconds you win).

After lunch all the participants warmed up before a light randori session (sparring) before finishing off the day there was a chance to ask Karina and Craig some questions about there training, their judo and life in general as a high performance athlete.

If selected for the 2012 Olympic Games this will be 4th and 3rd Olympic games for Karina and Craig respectively.

with the new facility Comberton judo club will be able to vastly increase the number of sessions they deliver. They will be able to provide judo for everyone from beginners to international competitors and from 5 to any age.

Anyone interested in starting judo or increasing the amount they currently do should email


This has also been reported on the BJA website:

Dojo Opening

The long awaited opening of the Comberton dojo will be on the 4th June 2011.

We have invited three guest coaches, all three from Camberley Judo Club and all proceeds will go to support their training in the build up to the 2012 Olympic Games.

Craig Fallon is former world and European champions, he is also world silver medallist and Commonwealth champion. Craig has represented Great Britain in two Olympic games and retired after Beijing. Fortunately his retirement was short lived and London 2012 was too tempting and opportunity.

Karina Bryant is seven times world medallist (5 silver & 2 bronze) and four times world champion. She has represented Great Britain in three Olympic games.

Sam Lowe became Commonwealth Champion in the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth games and has won three world cup medals. She is the current British number one in the under 78kg. Sam has a blog about her training at

The session will start at 10am and participant will be split into three groups based upon age and gender. Each group will have a session with each guest coach and we will include with randori.

Any judo player that would like to attend this event should email the head coach, Bob Challis, with details of age and grade.

The event will cost £15 per person and any further donations to support these players would be gratefully accepted. We will have to limit this event to 50 people based on a first come first serve basis.

British schools championships 2

Just a follow on from yesterdays post by Erin.

David Unger had several good fights, for the first time score ippon with his drop seoi which was good. He got through to the final and finished with silver, ironically losing to a drop seoi nage.

Overall the club did well, David silver, Sam Bronze, Orestis 5th. Erin and Alistair also fought really well.